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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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ONF of the most touching and 
at the same, time most striking. pie 
tures that ever fell under my notice 
was a steel engraving that, filing on 
the parlor wall of a friend's house 
where 1 chanced to visit one. even 
ing, savfl a writer in the Miehigai 
Catholic. It was a picture of Jesus. 
not the ordinary style. The front 
of house with a tightly closed 
oaken door formed the background. 
At this door, timidh g, 
stood the figure of a man clothed in 
the garb of Pilate's time. His eves 
are frill of true friendship, as if he 
longed to do a kindnes.. to a suffer- 
ing one within. It preached a ver 
itable sermon so silently. It pic- 
tured to us the dear Jesus who 
knocks so patientlv at the oaken 
door of our stubborn hearts. Let 
us run, and opening the door, bid a 
"hea.ty ■■•.«► 

A peculiar iur.iuent in ttfrfhection 
with this siory is the fact that the 
dear old ladv who so treasured this 
picture and gave it so conspicuous a 
place in her parlor passed recently, 
without an v apparent illness, sud- 
denly into eternity. She had re- 
ceived Holy Communion in the 
morning, and that night the Lord 
knocked. With eager footsteps she 
hurriedly unlatched the door to 
welcome her guest, and behold her 
reward — eternal life without a tedi- 
ous illness. 

She said to her daughter, "I 
have no pain, but I aru going to die." 

ance and the decoration consisting of 
flowers, laces, colored lamps etc. 
were very beautiful, being a bright 
reflection of the taste and skill of the 

At the right of the altar was plae- 
.ed the crib, containing the statues 
of shepherds, sheep, oxen, mules, 
and the child Jesus in a manger 
between the Blessed Virgin and 
St. J.ose p!i. which was hIwmvs 

Vanderbilt and LaGrace, and also 

from Cheyenne Agency. Our pro- 
jgram was as follows: — 
j Processional introduction, March. 

j Greeting Chorus. Full Chorus. 

i The Program. Solo and Chorus. 

'what Shall be done, Solo. 

The contest, Solo and Chorus. 

Sing us a Song, Chorus and Solo. 

Vesper Song, Mioftrels ai d Chorus. 

Music of the Bells, Minstrels & Chorus. 


j Agricultural Boarding School 
( Standing Rock Agencv 
'" Feb. 4, 1897'. 

Dear Father Jerome; — 

I now take 
the opportunity of writting to your 
interesting paper, to let you know, 
how we are getting along at this 
mission. Our school closed on Tues- 
day Dec. 22 for the Christmas holi- 
days. On Christmas night at twelve 
o'clock we went to Mass which was 
celebrated by Rev. Father Martin, 
assisted by sixteen acolytes. The 
altar presented a handsome appear- 

ari object of attraction to us child- 

At ten o'clock Father Martin a 
gain officiated at High Mass. Im 
mediately after Mass was given Be 
riedietion of the Most Blessed 

In the afternoon we prepared for 
an entertainment which opened §;30 
P. M-; we had a stage put up and 
the piano brought over for the occa- 
sion. The stage singing, consisting 
of the four voices, sunrano, tenor, 
alto, and bass, was rendered bv iift\ 
select voices exclusive of the solo 
singers, minstrels, fairies, auci infant 
class. Jolly Christmas or the Neg 
lected Program was the name of 
our Cantate. 

Among the persons present were 
Rev. Father "Bernard of Fort Yates, 
Major and Mrs. Crarnsie, Mr. Wftz- 
ieben, superintendent of the Indus 
trial Boarding School, Mrs. Witz- 
leben and many other people from 

Mother McClure's Christmas Joys, 

March, Processional. 

I don't Understand, Solo. 

Remember the Poor, Solo and Chorus. 

X m as, Tableau. 

Fairy Land, Duet. 

Sauta Claus is coming, Solo & Cno 
Santa Glaus Solo and Chorus. 

Good night to all, Closing Chorus 

Santa Claus and his Court, Tableau 
Principal Characti rs. 

Mr. President, Patiick Kenedy. 

Mr. Reporter, Patrick Ciu II, 

Sauta Claus, Samuel King. 

Mr. Winter. Edward LeCompte. 

Mother McClui'o, Josephine Laundry. 
Miss Cow Flake, Josephine Whiiecloiid 
Miss Frost, Mamie Marsh. 

Miss Sleet. Christina Ivoneye. ' 

Christmas Fairies. . Ll v7 fe^. 
Josephine Whltebuli. 

Incidental oh occassional characters. 

NaDcy LeBeau. 
Clara, Catherine Benoist. 

Adolph. Guilbert Majhor. 

Bert, Leo Bruguier. 

Claude, Jessie Tuigg. Donald, 

Claude Marsh, Ernest, Bernard 

Rivers. Frank, Joseph Traver- 

bip, twelve Minstrals and an Infant, 
Class of twelve. 

After our entertainment the Christ- 
mas tree was exhibited, profusedlv 
decorated with numerous gifts of 
various kinds, and, judging from the 
mirth and laughter, it was quite 
evident that each one seemed well 
satisfied, that "Santa Claus" had 
given them what they liked best. 

Oil New- Years all Communicants 
of the school received Ho'lv Com- 
munion. About the middle of Jan- 
urary we had a pleasant visit from 
Col Chas. McLaughlin, who is al- 
ways a very welcome visitor at our 

With kindest regards to you, Rey. 
Father Jerome, and all my friends 
at Fort To- , , remain 

Yours respectfully, 
Patjjick KeiXedy. 



Ma rti na Clevmore. 

ST. Antoninus. Archbishop of 
Florence, relates the following story. 
Two young men had madearrang- 
ments to go hunting on a festival 
day; oiilv one of them had taken 
care to hear Mass before setting out. 
They were scarcely an hour out, 
when all of a sudden tlie skv grew 
dark, a fearful storm came on, ac- 
companied with such terrific thunder 
and lightning, that it seemed as 
though, it were the end of the world. 
What frightened them was, that 
amid that tremendous noise, thev 
heard at intervals a voice of thunder, 

ecying: Strike! strike! Meanwhile, 

the air becoming somewdiat clearer, 
they began to recover from their 
fright and pursued their way; .sud- 
denly the thunder pealed again with 
great fury, and killed the one of the 
two huntsmen who had not heard 
Mass that morning. The other, ter- 
ror struck and quite beside himself, 
knew not whether to go on or turn 


buck; whilst lie was in this trouble 
and uncertaini y, he heard again the 
same voice crying: Strike! Strike 
the Other too! He was ready to 
sink with terror, when another voice 
was heard saving these consoling 
words: u l cannot strike this one, 
because he heard this morning the 

Yerbum caro factum est." You 

Understand, dear children, that, by 
these words, which are the last of 
the Gospel of St. John, read at the 
end of the Mass, the celestial voice 
meant to say that the huntsman had 
assisted at Mass. A good lesson, by 
which we shall try to profit, at need. 

kta, Na Wakautanka wioofian tona ounkiyapi qa pidaonyanpi rice do* Mita- 

koda ho niyepi ekta onSihanyan waon 

qon deban Itancan onsimakida epce do. 

Jesus wacinyan hena nape ciyuzape do. 


econ onsipi lie 
Hecel mitakm e] 
kin 1 e eeetulak.ii 

la econqonpi kta. 
i, fcuwa iglonihan 
n kin ho e kte sui. 

S. DAK. FED. 2-1, 1891. 


Tona Sinasapa 
el ounpapi kin, wicoHau tona iyowaja 
ii.-i oi.kiwastepi kta Lena iyayustag 
Sinasapa vvicasa wakan on pi kin on- 
speonki ' an!. Yuukan hena naon- 
lion pi, awaoaoinpi, sioloiiyanpi, wan- 
vagonvaupi na okokahnigapi. He- 
nanl wicolian kin hena unkakiklou-' 
j.. r ,. 'ta oiik'i^.^. 
tokhatauhan woakiktonje fuivku 
okolakiciye el ounpapi kta he? Na 
woaktonje siiiyan okolakiciye el ope- 
)a owihanke hehanvan econqonpi 
kta huvvo? Na tokel econqonpi Chi- 
lian woakiktonje suiyan wiconi owi- 
hanke £ni kin onqupi kta huwu'r 
Yuukan Wakantanka oiye kin hena 
oncautepi na ounagipi kin el eon- 
gnakapi kta. lcin . woyawaSte kin 
na wotehi kin sakib wanoyakapi kta. 
Yuukan taku tona WakantanKa ta- 
wokonze kin hena auagoptan onsipi 
na hena on wavawaste kin onkieupi 
kta, na Wakautanka tawokonze kin 
anaongoptanpi shi kinhan taku te- 
hike cin he onqupi kta. Na Wa- 
kautanka tawokonze kin ope onsipi, 
na he inahme onkiyapi sni na itehan 
van onqonpi s"ui, hecel konpica sni 
na ape pica sni, Na wieoiye kin ecel 
econqonpi kta, he oukikiyepilahci 
on, onkiepi kin ogna na oncautepi 
kin ogna, hecel awauneinpi kta. 
Icin wiconi na taku was'te eonkigua- 
kapi nakun wiconte nataku ska hena. 
Lena onkiyepi on etanhan tokata 
mahpiya na maka taku hiyeye cin 
bona ive Wakantanka nahonpi kta. 
Na heon onkitokam wiconi cauku na 
wiconte canku eonkicignakapi, heon 
etanhan wicasa na winyan iyohila 
wiconi canku kin onkiciglahnigapi 
kta econ onsipi. Y unkan tokel 
onkalinigapi kta he? Wicolian sica 
onkitawapi etanhan onkiglohouiui 

Tka tuna Itancan kin yuotiihnn kin- 
han b« e ecetulapi kta. Heon cante 
akevahci gluba sag} a wai'iu on- 
Ill i.ahan ikivela unVupi kta iye- 
ceca. Hececa Uiubati Ive taku on- 
einpi kin he okihi o:iy?nipi kinhan 
tokata malii i. a el : ales w:i; aw s 

i.w iiau el O] e < r\ anil kta. 
r es!,s, i ancnn eah> kin on. Woui- 
nu] e ny * i ivvasal e onkitawapi kin 
SVakantaiika he e. Vs. 4flrl. otoiyo- 
i \e e I onkiksm api kinhan 
snMtm vmvaSale onkieupi kta, na 
ssnipa ous -onk - : d< haji kta. Mi ta- 
il uaj e ci\ nzapi. 

P, 0. IIOWAHI). 


St. Catherine's Mission, S. Dak. Feb. 
28, '97, atipetu kin el omniciye econpi na 
Bad River St. Joseph Okolakiciye el wo- 
akiye wicohan na woerkiye itanea 
iyh'.ji yubapi kta plnr/i, na Ihikip 0. 
lowi ' he wlcoiian kin he quni. 
nahau P. C. Howa;d okolakiciye 
el w'dwapi kage cin he ostan Geo. Ho 
I re. m kta, hecel igluS'a pi. 
, i U okoiakio ye yaonpi or 
- yu'/api. 
0>:o. Hoksjl.v wakan Wow: 

Eyanpahakin mitakoda Inyanbnsdata 

ekta wahi. Mitakoda St. Joseph omni- 
ciye en antakoda Wasuicasnama )i kici 
eo uikipi qaom tanyan w»uri 
qa nina wocante waste qa wo i n t 
tanka uuqupi qa yuonihanyan nape ..n- 
yuzapi qa hen tuazaska qa I linpii, eai:di 
ko uuqupi qa tanyan ora waontap, qa on- 
kiyuskinpe do. Qa Len Akicitanajin 

winyan raitawa Sunkakau kdeska on wa 
yazanka okiye, do, qa winyan omniciye e- 
tanhan nakun tanyan okiyapi qa piwada 
qa he Wakantanka hecen vvicacante 
wicaqu epce do. Hehan ake inonpa o- 
mniciye unkan ake mitakoda Joseph Ji- 
la sunkakau on ake winyan mitawa wa- 
yazanka okiye do. Ho mitakoda dena 
Wakantanka etanhan wopida mduha qa 

Hehan Nov. 17. 1896 hen wanna wino- 
hca mitawa makit •; hokSina mitawa wa- 
niyetu 2 sanpa wi 3 hehan maka akau 
hunku ifipi-ya iyaye. qeyas eqes toksa 
tanye hcin lye Wakantanka token cin- 
ka hecen okiye kte nakas hi ali ciqana 
tka ecen hunku kin kica hece hcin on 
waawacanmi ye do. Mitakoda St. Jo- 
seph qa St. Mary okodakiciye wakan mi- 
cinksi miciksuya miye. 

Mitakodapi hehan Dec. 4 1896 heehan 
Wayawa oti tanka heciya Matowakan 
kici micopi, onkipi omniciye etanhan 
gunkakan 7 uuqupi; Matoite qa Siyoduta 
Wanbdiwatakpeya, Tokanaduta, Wau- 
bdiwankantuya, Hupahumaza, qa Wiya- 
kaoin hena eepi, qa nakun SI. 85 nmaqa- 
kiyapi. aguyapi, waSin, wasna qji waco- 
nica qa kukuse coca hececa on tanyan 

Standing Rock Agency. 
North Dakota, 


I to mitakuyepi 
lehanl wowaklakin kte. Yunkan Waya- 
wa oti tanka qol omnici.e icage cin he 
tanhan waniyetu napcinyunka omniciye 
qel pwapa ye. Na eya Sinasapa tokel 
wahokonmakiyapi qon he owakahnige 
sni e^a okna waSkan kte ecanmi ye. Un- 
kan Sinasapa wahokononkiyapi qon he 
unkiye u'unagipi km skaya unkluhapi 
kta on he awacanmi kte lici ye, hecel 
wake. Hehanl taku wanji owaklakin 
kt \ yamni wowal.e. yamni tiyopa awan- 
hlake, imatancan, tie' ai.l wawakpainni 
iiehaul ake le imatancan ye; unkan lena 
[...!. u kin miye cinkala awacanmi sni ,;e 
eai.ini ye. Taku epe cin lena Wakan- 
lanka on wowaklaka keeanmi ye, na wa- 
y.< oti lanka el .kanyeia maka on inaza 
hiahlaki.. hotanin nawalion qon heon e- 
tan' an na wowapi iyewakiye sni tka na- 
walion qon heon tokata na lehantu kin 
iwaiiblake ci". on swacanmi kte hcin ye. 
IIio hecitu we mitiikuyepi na cinca wa 
yawapi ku he wicohan kin lUa waste ye 
heon t na nicmca wayawapi Sni kin he- 
tia tipiwakairel awicayapi , itakuyepi 
1 ... i iitabeanpe Sehoia'stica 

: : napawin. Oyemazawiu okihe, 

Louisa Mazatipiwin Wowapi kaga. 
Catherine Tasunkewanbliwin Mazaska 
wanjaka. B. Wiceknaunwin wapaha 
yuha. Susie Niyasotewakanwin dowan 
itai can. Maggie Cannonpawin wokage 
ge awanytka. Wastelapiwin wayazan 

awanyaka Iuyankela, wamnayan 

itanuan. Rose Tasuukeiuyankewin tiyo 
pa awanyaka, hehan Ptesantokahewin 
Wasumazawin, Ennua Wiyoknakiyapi- 
Naunkewin hena wakpamnipi. Tasun- 
kedinape, Oyegiwiu, Hinlutawin, Win 
yanwaSte hena woharpi. Iho mitaku- 
yepi taku ota epin kta ijejmaccca tka 
henala epin kta ca St. Joseph na St. 
Mary Omniciye kin iyuha cante wasteya 
nape ciyuzape. 

SoHOLAsxiCi. Anpetuhi.vpa. Itancaii. 


papi Sni lecel w tanin waste etan slolye 
onkiyapi ca Mniyo taku eye cin he Sina- 
ska na ids kaon jinca okolakiciye etanhan 
on iapi km he heyu heeiu hena iyetawa- 
kantankapi kin hel hecel onspewicaki- 
yapi naceca tka onkiye Sinasapa Okola- 
kiciye el Wakantauka onkitawapi hecel 
onspeonkiyapi sni, heon iapi hececa etan 
Eyanpaha el oyakiyapi iyececa Sni tka 
Rev. Father Jerome Hunt 0. S, B, le 
slolye Sni uaaza agliheyapi walaka heon 
tokSa ogla owotan kta ecanmi heon he- 
nala epin kta tona Eyanpaha lawapi o- 
yasin micante on nape ciyuzapi. 

Makizita ciqala Feb. 6, '97, el Lincoln 
Miwatanil -anska cinca wicincala Win- 
yangiwin te, wi 15, Feb. 7, hapi. 

Makizita ciqala el Christmas el onki 
yuskinpi lecel wamnayanpi. 

Wicakin 831.71. Winyan kin §7.25 
St. Joseph tawornnaye etanhan onpi 87. 
St. Mary tawornnaye etanhan onpi $5.60 

Hecel ataya mnayanpi kin $51 .56. 

Mary Hanhepiktewin taspan koka 1. 
J. Situ pi ska cuuwintku " " " 

L. Skaagliwin 

Mary Miwatanihanska tahca Sunkala 1 
Htayel u niazaskanskan 7 el can eglepi 
kin owanyakeyela tiyopa yuganpi wica 
na is winyan ota el hipi heon tipi ocitin- 
l zaiii itankal ee otapi Eyanpaha kin leca 
I w'onahon la. tka tehan waqu Sni. 
Rosebud Agency, 
Little White River. S. Dak. 

j St. Mary Okolakiciye pikiyapi. Itacan 
win. Susie Wa- 
3i r . Fokaoyuspa maza- 
ska awanyaka Alpb.onsa W-.yakaicuwin. 
wowapi kaga, Mary Itoyekisonla woce- 
1 kiye na olowan tawa. Emma Wanbli- 
' luta wokagege awanyaka Julia Tacar/- 
| gleskato tiyopa awanyaka. Mary Bush 
I wigligle itancaii Mary Hehakawakuwa. 
' okihe Mary Miwatanihanska iyamni. 
I Wi sakpe Oitancan oyasin yankapi kta 
j gluStanni. 

Petek Miwatanihanska. 


FEB. 21.1897. 
Little White River. 

MITAKOLAPI Feb. el Isidore Mni- 
yo taku eye cin isnala ksape iCila taku 
eye cin on ihatemaye lo. Otokahe ekta 
akenonpapi Jesus yewicaSi kin lecel e 
wicakiye: Mahpiya ekta r,a maka akan) 
wowaSake ataya maqupi, heon etanhan 
ya po, oyate kin oyasin waonspewicaki- 
yapo! eye c n heon Sinasapa makaowan- 
caya upi na waonspeonkiyapi. Yunkan 
Jesus wankan kigle cin ohakab akenon 
papi kin etan leniyos wotanin waste kin 
owapi St. Mathew, St. John, nakun St, 
Peter St. James lena tob akenonpapi e- 
tanhanpi na St. Paul he iyohakab Jesus 
glahuigfi he eciyatanhan St. Luke St. 
Mark owapi tka nena akenonpapi el o- 


1 Ball, N. Dak. 

Ilo mitakuyepi Cannon Ball omniciye 
onqonpi kin tona oitancanpi kin cajewi- 
cabdate kte. Carry ISpawinyan itancau 
Louisa VanSolen okihe. Alma Parkins 
mazaska awanyaka. Bessie Matoziwin 
wowapi kaga; Ellen Oyewastewin wi- 
yokihe yuha. Zita Oyemazawin dowan 
itancan Istagiwin wokagege awanyaka. 
Wiooan, Barbra Gina, qa Wikohdi wa- 
yazan awanyakapi. Scholastica Ojan- 
janwin tiyopa awanyaka. Iho mitaku- 
yepi omniciye en mabdiheca sni ye wo 
wapi wakage cin ed wocekiy/ eciyatan- 
han mikdaouihan kta wacin Sni ye mi- 
!.na Wakantanka sdon- 
yin kte. Otokaheta winyan kin woabtani 
econqonpe waskuyeca kin he onkieupi 
Sni kinhan woahtani sdononyanpi kte 
Iho mitakuyepi St. Mary 
yaonpi kin de anpetu kin cante wasteya 
nape ciyuzape. 

Zita Oyemazawin Dowan itancan